Inner Club Speech Contest

Dear fellow toastmasters!

This is to remind you that we will have our Inner Club Speech Contest this Wednesday, December 1st, at our regular venue, Zhylyanska st. 75, 4th floor, Microsoft Ukraine office.

Currently we have 3 speakers:
1. Gleb Krivenko.
2. Elena Diomina.
3. Aleksandr Naglov.

So we have 3 vacant speaking slots and you have a last chance to participate!

The judges team is:
1. Lilia Nabochenko (Area Governor).
2. Levon Petrosian (Dnipro Hills).
3. Yolana Riabova (Top Talkers).
4. Yuriy Yakovenko (Chamber).
5. The audience – this year votes from the audience will be counted as well.

The meeting will be conducted by our Past Immediate Area Governor Yulia Dmytryshyn!

After the contests you are kindly invited to the bowling party at the Ultramarin bowling club (21.00 – 22.00 – or later if you want to stay).

If you wish to participate as a speaker, please sign up by writing directly to Yuriy Yakovenko at by 6Pm, November 30th..

Guests are welcome too!

We look forward to seeing all of you at the contest!


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