Inner Club Speech Contest Results

On January 12th, 2011 many Ukrainian toastmasters and their friends had a chance to enjoy an exciting and intriguing event – Annual Speech Contest at the Chamber Toastmasters Club.

In an extremely tough but totally friendly competition seven Chamber speakers presented their speeches to the most grateful audience. Three winners, defined by the unbiased judging commission, are

  1. Evgeniya Poluektova (The True Origin of Feminism \ The Untold Story of Female Oppression in the Undercover)
  2. Ilona Postemska (Hands up!)
  3. Gleb Krivenko (Skeleton in the Wardrobe)

Evgeniya Poluektova also won the People’s Choice Award thus letting two participants of the “Guess the Winner” raffle receive a New Year “ToastMaster Set” and Buy*ology, a Bestseller by Martin Lindstrom.

Congratulations to our winners and let’s keep our fingers crossed and support Evgeniya Poluektova and Ilona Postemska at the All-Ukrainian Speech Contest 2011!


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