Being a Club is so much fun!

Toastmasters experience brings confidence. In any situation!

…and inventiveness!

…and courage!

“A mutually supportive and positive learning environment”
-where did I hear that?

Our creativity has NO limits!

A stylish bow-tie, specially developed for the TM dresscode

…is gradually turning into a moustache!

table topics ==>topics at the table

“Have you passed your fees on to the Treasurer?”

Tea(m) Spirit

developing your sticks holding skills))

Sushi lovers ))

Indoor activities? Bowling!

a short warming-up exercise))

Real team spirit!

nearly perfect counterbalance))

Gratefully accept instructions from experienced fellows…and you’ll see the result! Very soon!!!)))
The Club is trong only when its members are strong!

When your wish to win is enormous, try to hit the target with a smart idea!

Three strikes in a row!

Our new bowling champion

…huh…that was a breathtaking game…

The Smiliest Team :o)

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