Chamber Toastmasters Club Wins All-Ukrainian Speech Contest for the Fourth Consecutive Year

The Seventh All-Ukrainian Toastmasters Speech Contest, conducted on April 16, once again showcased the Chamber Toastmasters Club‘s great capabilities to enhance public speaking and leadership skills of its members. The Club’s members Eugenia Poluektova and Ilona Postemska, with their speeches “Too Much Information” and “The Biggest Evil”, became the winners of the contest and took the first and second places, respectively.


That was the fourth year in a row the Chamber Toastmasters Club won the annual All-Ukrainian Toastmasters Speech Contest, which is the most special event in the Ukrainian Toastmasters community. Moreover, Eugenia Poluektova took home the winner’s trophy for the second consecutive year, being also the Best Ukrainian Toastmasters Speaker 2010.

We congratulate the winners on this significant achievement in their public speaking advancement and wish them continuing development and satisfaction from their future attainments in professional and personal life.


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