Evaluation Contest

The first day of summer 2011 Chamber Toastmasters commemorated with an outstanding event – EVALUATION CONTEST, which was held for the first time in our club.

All club members and guests had a unique opportunity to listen to five evaluators – the contestants, analyze their techniques, compare their evaluations, and judge them along with the professional judges, voting for a People’s Choice Evaluator.

Our warmest congratulations go to Tetyana Koniushenko who won the EVALUATION CONTEST proving the vital importance of analytical skills and critical thinking in evaluation. Tania’s striving to be an efficient and constuctive evaluator was rewarded with a certificate for 40 USD which she is encouraged to spend on her personal development.

Alex Iguchi was recognized as the most charismatic evaluator and got the People’s Choice Prize – a box of chocolates.

We would like to thank once again all the participants and organizers of this event which was as usual full of fun, humor, and learning. To feel the atmosphere of the contest and enjoy its reminiscences view more pictures in the Chamber Toastmasters Club group on Facebook.


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