First Annual Golf Toastmasters Contest

On May 23, 2012 Chamber Toastmasters Club organized the FIRST ANNUAL GOLF TOASTMASTERS CONTEST which was kindly initiated and conducted by a dedicated toastmaster and the only professional golf instructor in Ukraine Alex Iguchi. The contest was held at the Obolon Golf Center in Kyiv.


According to the rules of the Golf Toastmasters Contest, three teams of 10 members each were practicing the tree main golf shots: putt, pitch and range. The golfers who scored best in each team, then had to deliver a short winner’s speech to amaze the audience with their public speaking skills.

Frankly speaking, to select the best golfers in each team turned out to be a tough task. Team 3 had two evident leaders: Dmytro Dzyuba (ProCreditBank) and Artem Nikishin (EPAM), who showed excellent results scoring the highest points of that evening. Alex Iguchi resolved the situation in the traditional golf manner: the one who scored best in putt and then in pitch was the winner. So three best golfers Dmytro Dzyuba, Olena Melnyk, and  Dmytro Kuziak had now to decide who was the best speaker?

Dmytro Dzyuba told us about his childhood dream which actually came true on the day of our Golf tournament. Golf practice also helped Dmytro discover that he was actually left-handed!

Olena Melnyk delivered a speech of a golf pro assuring the audience in her successful long-term golf career under the guidance of the best golf instructor Alex Iguchi.

Dmytro Kuziak managed to touch the hearts of the majority by telling about his experience with Toastmasters: “At Toastmasters I learned not only techniques how to speak publicly… and not only improved my English proficiency… and not even learned to play golf… In our Club I learned how to be a friend. Being with the Club for one year only I have already found here many true friends whose company I enjoy and value so much!”

ImageSo the winners, one by one, got their medals: bronze went to Dmytro Dzyuba, silver to Olena Melnyk, and gold to Dmytro Kuziak.  The celebration after the first Golf Toastmaster Contest continued in a cozy Golfist Cafe at the bank of the Dnieper River.

All who participated in this outstanding event as well as those who are reading these lines, are sure to be looking forward to the Second Annual Golf Toastmasters Contest! But this one will take place in 2013, and meanwhile we have to get down to work, and prepare and deliver our speeches. As for golf, Alex Iguchi will share with us some great ideas for future golf events.


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