EUPHORIC Table Topics Contest

On June 13, 2012 the Chamber Toastmasters Club organized the FIRST TABLE TOPICS CONTEST.  Nine speakers from four Ukrainian Toastmasters clubs did their best to demonstrate their public speaking skills in two minutes!


The inter-club team of judges made their choice:

1st place winner – Tania Lukinyuk, Chamber Toastmasters

2nd place winner – Anna Kuznetsova, Chamber Toastmasters

3d place winner – Kateryna Zarubina, Top Talkers



Tania Lukinyuk amazed the audience with her top professionalism in speech delivery and a non-conformist idea of not letting  euphoria into her pragmatic life, thus winning also the People’s Choice nomination!

Olena Krynychna beautifully summarized the contest in her poem:
“What can drive YOU into a state of euphoria?”
Isn’t it cool for a table topics story, ah?
Dmytro and Ilona, the host and the hostess,
have done their best while arranging the contest.
Especially clear was meeting’s agendum –
“have FUN” they announced and Fun gathered momentum.
First in Ukraine the 9 bravest speakers
Have dazzled the audience with bright speeches-flickers.
9 bravest speakers from different clubs,
9 brilliant speeches without any bugs.
Taking the floor one after another,
they structured the topic in this way or other.
Each of the toastmasters made a confession:
Some can be driven euphoric by passion,
Some can be driven by money or rain,
The thoughts had no limits, the thoughts had no frame.
Some can be driven by children or stars,
Some by the football and others by cars.
I’m truly inspired by speech of Katrusia,
Who said that euphoria comes from nobility
of what You can do, from responsibility.
Tetyana opposed self-control to euphoria,
I liked her smart jokes since the time immemorial.
Anna exploded in burst of emotion,
Shared with us her happiness potion.
To make story short, I shall make a conclusion
Not to create any further confusion:
Every contestant is off any charts!
Today You have warmed many Toastmasters’ hearts!

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