Report: Mafia game at Chamber TM Club on 1 August 2012

On August 1, 2012 Chamber Toastmasters Club had a special meeting playing English mafia game in a friendly atmosphere of EPAM Systems office. Yevgeniya Bazhenov and Katerina Zarubina were leading the process. That evening luck was on the side of the black. At both tables mafia showed impressive team spirit and won. Being a sheriff at one of the tables, Sofiya Huzenko was murdered the very first night. However, she managed to reveal Don of the mafia, Oleksandr Naglov, and he also left the game. Two out of three mafias were killed in a row. It seemed mafia had no chance. But treacherous Crazy Monkey Marina Nikolaeva mislead the naive citizens. Maksim Kuzyava and Artem Nikishin were totally blinded by her charms, and mafia gained the victory.

It was indeed an exciting game with many unexpected turns and high intensity of emotions. Many thanks to English Mafia Club for bringing us so much fun!!


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