Grand Celebration on September 26, 2012

Chamber Toastmasters Club gathered its members and friends at a grand celebration of its 13th Birthday. InterContinental hotel kindly welcomed everyone to its fancy Lounge Club which was packed by eager listeners and brilliant contributors. In a cheerful and at the same time serious atmosphere of the evening members and guests could see all the benefits and powerful energy of the Club.

Tania Lukinyuk professionally lead the meeting and introducing speakers of the night: Elena Polishuk, who shared her Toastmasters success story, and Jenia Poluektova, who challenged everyone to reconsider their views.

Anna Kuznetsova and Olena Krynychna facilitated the Table Topics session which was full of humor and creativity.

The official portion of the meeting was followed by the first real Toast Competition. A dozen of our members proposed toast after toast after toast to our Club and its cool members. The three winners were finally decided upon voting:

1. Oleksandr Naglov

2. Tetyana Konyushenko

3. Kostyantyn Krasovsky

All winners got a chance to have a free golf lesson, while all the participants of the Toast Competition now can practice their golf shots with 2 free baskets of balls. Alex Iguchi kindly presented certificates from the Number 1 Golf School in Ukraine – AMI Golf Academy. Congratulations to the winners! And congratulations to all the members for being a part of an awesome Toastmasters club.


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