Success Story: Tatiana Lukinyuk

We are going to share success stories of some outstanding members of the Chamber Toastmasters Club. The first in a series is a story of Tatiana Lukinyuk. She has been with the Club since 2005. Tatiana is currently holding position of Marketing Director, SunInbev Ukraine, part of Anheuser-Busch Inbev.

“I joined Chamber Toastmasters back in 2005. My original intention was only to polish my presentation skills which I had to use quite often in my daily job. I won club speech contest with my ice-breaking speech and was totally motivated from the very beginning! I did my 10 projects from Competent Communicator manual in 6 month, and 2 advanced manuals in another 6 months to get my Advanced Communicator Bronze. It took me however next five years to achieve Advanced Communicator Gold – which means that I delivered over 40 speeches, 5 special projects & group trainings.
As I was persuaded by my fellow members to take upon more responsibilities and become club officer, I started to discover new aspects of being a Toastmaster – developing my leadership skills. As President of the club and twice VP Education, I practiced in safe environment my ability to organize and lead people, give and receive feedback, motivate and inspire. Such practice helped me to become a better manager in real life too! In six years of being a Toastmaster I built in parallel my career from brand manager with no reports to Director of Marketing managing a big team of people!
What’s most important – Toastmasters is an excellent opportunity to meet interesting people, network and have lots of fun! I am proud to actually call a lot of my fellow Toastmasters my friends.”  – Tatiana Lukinyuk

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  1. Interesting, good to know more about you. It would be even more interesting to read some of your problems, ups and downs on the way. Then, instead of telling, we could live it with you.

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