Professional Speech Marathon – 14 November


As the Club which is mostly renowned for being business oriented, we, however, have always united professionals from various sectors: business, government, non-governmental institutions, diplomatic missions, academia, etc. It’s time to share professional secrets and promote ourselves at the Professional Speech Marathon.

This event is designed to become a platform for fruitful information exchange and conscious networking among our members. After each 10 min presentation the audience will have a unique chance to ask questions, provide their short feedback and perhaps even come up with concrete ideas for future cooperation. Come as a speaker or as a guest!


 The range of topics is quite broad:
– concise presentation of specific market segment;
– promotion of a product/service;
– presenting yourself as an expert in a certain field;
– revealing secrets and tricks of some profession;
– and much more!


The main thing is that everyone will speak ONLY from his/her own experience.
Key requirements:
Time limit: Each speaker gets up to 10 min:  5-7 min. speech, 5-3 min Q&A session.
Presentation format: We welcome a mix of presentation forms (be creative!).
Evaluation: Each speaker will have an evaluator, though evaluation will be provided bilaterally after the meeting.

If you wish to use this chance to promote yourself as an expert and share your experience with your fellows, please send the title of your speech and its short description to VP Education Anna Kuznetsova at  by noon November 13.

The marathon will start at 7:15 on 14 November 2012.
Working language: English

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