Glimpses of the Professional Speech Marathon

The Speech Marathon last week allowed to learn about professional achievements of our members. The audience enjoyed six speeches and 10 minutes seemed to be too short as there were so many questions.

ImageArtem Nikishin shared his love for sky-diving and gave some practical details of how to try it. It seems that a number of people in the audience want to join it when the next season starts.

Polina Oleksenko presented her company’s program offering talented programmers to work in the US.

Serhiy Kostyshyn shared his experience of working in a team and showed with example that  team’s results are bigger than a sum of it’s members achievements.

Larysa Antoshchuk, partner at a law firm, showed pros and cons of working as a tax lawyer.

Tatyana Konyushenko created excitement in the room and told how fashion trends are born.

Sofiya Huzenko revealed secrets of sharks of investment banking.



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