Mysterious meeting on 12/12/12

Only two meetings left before we have holidays break.

This Wednesday, 12 December 2012 is a special day. The next 12/12/12 will happen in a hundred years from now. 12 is mysterious number. A human body contains 12 ganglions and 12 pairs of ribs. There are 12 month in a year, 12 stars on the EU-flag.

As a special Toastmasters club we can’t miss the opportunity! Following a prepared speeches section our officers’ team will tell us of what is going on behind the stage of club’s meetings. It will be a great opportunity not just to learn about Toastmasters club structure but also select a role for yourself (don’t forget that elections are coming on 19 December).

See you all on 12/12/12!

TM group



  1. “The next 12/12/12 will happen in a thousand years from now.” Won’t it happen again on December 12, 2112? Didn’t it happen on December 12, 1912?

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