“Eight Against One or Eight for One”: The 2013 Evaluation Contest at Chamber Toastmasters Club.


On Wendesday  May 15th,  the Chamber TM Club held  the 2013 Inner Club Evaluation Contest. A total of eight professional Toastmasters were competing for the title of the 2013 Best Club Evaluator. The contest was  rather challenging and intriguing, but very much synergizing and intellectually rewarding.

Our congratulations to Winners:

1st place: Tetyana Konyushenko (Second time in a row the Best Club Evaluator)
2nd place: Sofiya  Huzenko
3rd place: Alexander Kobzev

We also would like to extend our best congratulation to All contest participants with special thanks to Iryna Zhuravlova for her presenting a very interesting and  insightful speech and  for being that brave enough to face both the complementary remarks and  collegial criticism of the Club fellows!

IMG_1577 IMG_1581


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