Glimpses of Demo Meeting on October 23. Indulging After Taste.

20131023_3213Jenia Poluektova’s welcoming words on that day sounded  more official  than usually, either because of the slim black microphones installed on the tribune or because of the stately acoustics created by velvet red walls of the meeting room at American Chamber of Commerce.   Audience’s attention  was immediately captured and  “ the spells” lasted for more than an hour, until the meeting was adjourned by the traditional BANG of the President’s hammer.  Luckily we didn’t have to immediately go home, refreshments and networking time being  provisioned as a bonus to the evening agenda.

We must admit, the expectation of the Demo Meeting stirred up some excitement among members of our Club. On the one hand, the choice of location at Amosova 12 forecasted some logistics difficulties because of  the evening rush hour.  On the other hand, seeing how many interested guests were on the preliminary registration list we didn’t have right to let down  their expectations.

Ilona Postemska,  past-immediate President of Chamber TM Club,  once said that the secret of success in everything  you do  is QUALITY  and PASSION. There is no doubt that because we had both quality and passion at our Demo meeting it turned out to be a big success. Look at the shiny faces of those who came! The photo report prepared by Oleksandr Tebenko is a truthful evidence and skillfully conveys the atmosphere.


Alex Kobzev, the Toastmaster and VP Education, gave us a professional lead in how to be the real host of the evening and smoothly run the Toastmasters event.

My  favourite part was the guest speaker project. For those who still don’t know who the guest speaker was we are pleased to inform that he was  Andy Kuzich, Business Development Director at PwC, Ukraine.

Both with his prepared project “Andy’s Secrets of Leadership” and the high-class  impromptu speaking   Andy vividly demonstrated how to capture the audience’s attention and get people “infected” with personal example.

You will criticize me if I do not quote here  Andy’s

four  secrets of leadership: 20131023_3093

  1. Never be afraid of opportunities.
  2. Read Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.
  3. Praise in public – criticize in private.
  4. Love what you do, love your job.


Alex Chichikalo,  second prize winner at All-Ukrainian Toastmasters Competition 2013, presented to us a fresh look at his prize-winning speech about shoes and relationship.


The artistic touch to the part of prepared speeches was given by charming Maryna Gotovkina with her speech about Post-Modernism. It’s hard to find another person in TM community who could deliver a speech in such a sophisticated manner as Maryna does.

The Guru of table topics Gleb Krivenko bewildered participants with unexpected tasks for impromptu speeches. But how could he know that the table topic speakers would be even more creative and impressive than Gleb?! Debates and brief monologues about matriarchate, Cinderella’s stepmother, reincarnation, sleeping near the wall and even Captain Drake’s song,  entertained the public pretty much.


Such successful events add to our “vanity” of course. But what we should remember is that  a  demonstration meeting at a toastmasters club is not something what we forget about in one week getting back to  everyday routine. This is the opportunity to acquire a fresh look on traditional activities, to involve more interested individuals, to give ourselves a  new creative push , to share knowledge with professionals and continue developing our communication and leadership skills.  To develop steadily, systematically, from one meeting to another. See you on our next meeting.

With best wishes,

VP PR Olena Krynychna


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