A Brilliant Five: March 26, 2014, Chamber TM Club Contest

We are glad to share with you the results of the recent Chamber TM’s Inner Speech Contest!


The Contest has proved to be a total SUCCESS!!! Five speakers compete for the 2 slots on this year’s all-Ukrainian Speech Contest: Olena KrynychnaKostyantyn KrasovskyAlexander Chichikalo,Polina Oleksenko, and Vladislav Kisselev.

The contest guided by a wise man Gleb Krivenko was tough and profound, as the speakers represent different “schools of public speaking kung-fu”.


The speeches were deep and thoughtful, entertaining and motivating, energetic and calm.


Olena Krynychna. A Beginner’s Guide to Coke.

Kostyantyn Krasovsky. Mathematics of Love.

Alex Chichikalo. Don’t Spoil Many Things at a Time.

Polina Oleksenko. Shift the Paradigm.

Vladislav Kisselev. Success Story.

Finally, the three winners are:

Third Place: Alexander Chichikalo

Second Place and the People’s Choice Winner: Vladislav Kisselev

First Place and the Winner of the Contest: Olena Krynychna!!!


So, this spring our Club will be presented at the All-Ukrainian Contest by Olena Krynychna and Vladislav Kisselev!

Special thanks to the team of the Contest organizers who did such a great and painstaking job, and particularily to Maryna Gotovkina!


Thank you all for coming and creating fantastic atmosphere, as usual!



Photos: Tina Bychkova, Video: Victor Fursov 


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