On May 14, 2014 Chamber Toastmasters Club held its second Professional Speeches Marathon. A great initiative started by previous officers team aimed at giving  a chance for Club members  and guests to train their presentation skills and  speak out about their field of expertise, As for the audience – they obtain some useful information from various professional fields and  address the speakers, right “on the land”, with questions about things they always wanted to ask. And as a result, everyone has an opportunity to find out unexpected business connections and maybe get a reliable business partner (or a boss, or an employee).

The venue of the event could be no way better chosen for such an occasion.

Professional Speeches Marathon taking place in the rooms of the company where even the walls breathe with highest professional standards…Of course, you already know that our host company is PwC Ukraine.

So it came natural and very encouraging that the Marathon was opened by  Mr. Ron Barden, Tax and Legal Partner,   PwC  Ukraine, who put the over excited participants at ease and gave the audience his expert’s advice about the importance of developing public speaking.

The Chair Lady Sofiya Huzenko “caught the wave” and smoothly took us through all parts and procedures of the Marathon.


Seven speakers from different professional areas hit the stage with 7-minute speeches, one after another, leaving only 3 minutes for the amazed listeners to ask the questions on the topic.



As the Marathon has no winners (everyone is the winner in this professional run) there was only one voting – for the people’s choice prize, the later finally received by charming Maryna Gotovkina, who “cured” the audience with her anti-stress exercises and smart jokes.


Maryna 3

Tanya 2

Still none of the participants was left without appraisal, criticism and a witty nomination in their certificates. The General Evaluator, Tetyana Lukinyuk, Mars, Incorporated, gave a high class assessment of the performers, as well as of the event overall.

  1. “Advocate for Happiness” was the nomination granted to Andrey Barsukov, Independent Marketing Analytic and Business Trainer, for his speech “Karmic Management: the Secret Laws of Karma that will Create Success in All Aspects of Your Life”
  2. “Antistress Master” is the title given to Maryna Gotovkina, employee at Parliament of Ukraine and coach, for her speech “Emphasis on Coping with Stress”
  3. “Inspiration Fairy” was the nomination granted to  Iryna Grygoryeva, Boehringer Ingelheim, for her project “Inspiration is a Key”
  4. “Secret Agent in Business” in reality  turned out to be  toastmaster Alexander Kobzev, Country Business Development Advisor, as he presented his speech “The Mission is Possible or Specifics and Pitfalls of International Development Work”.
  5. “Playful IT-guy” Alexander Chichikalo, EPAM, deserved this nomination for his unexpected project  “Buy & Play. Serious Concerns About Toys.”
  6. ‘’Stone Ager”  Levon Petrosyan, Galaxy LLC, received this nomination for guiding us through “Success Principles in Construction Sector” with professional  visual aids – an iPad-size  stone called “Galaxy-Labradorit”.
  7. “General of Success” was the nomination received by Aleksey Aleynikov,Insurance Company “AXA Insurance”, for his speech “The Five Steps”.

Individual evaluation to each speaker was provided by experts from partner clubs: Mariya Kuzmenko and Oleksandra Osypova-Safronova – Changermakers TM Club, Inna Davidyuk, Lily Nabochenko and Diana Pigilova – Dniprohills TM Club,  Elena Semenchuk – Art-Talkers TM Club, Yuriy Karabach – Area Governor of Toastmasters Ukraine. Special thanks goes to PwC team for supporting  toastmasters in all our good endeavors and, in particular, to Lily Nabochenko, for her input into the event. And naturally, we cannot help appraising our friend Yuliya Svyripa, Lemberg Toastmasters, who presented  creative prize-certificates (a free one-day ticket to a recreational park in Shatski Ozera, Yulia’s successful start-up) to every speaker.

Is it worth trying to make a Marathon next  year? If you look at what people say in their comments – it is definitely worth making Professional Speeches Marathon a good tradition:

IraDiana and Andy

Iryna Piven, Chamber TM Club: “Professional Speech Marathon was without a doubt a top-notch event: thoroughly prepared and very well conducted. It had a very different focus from the regular meetings, as all the presenters talked about their work areas. By doing this they have proved that all the skills learnt in the Club can be easily applied even to a formal business presentation, and that a topic that might seem boring at first glance can be turned into a spellbinding performance. I particularly admired the presentation by Alex Kobzev about peculiarities of international development work – a great blend of professionalism, humour and charisma!”

Diana Pigilova, Dniprohills TM Club:I’m very grateful for the opportunity to visit such an amazing event as Professional Marathon and to get to know the secret techniques of the Achievers-someone who does first and says afterwards!Pure competent essence of experience.”

Anastasiya Timofeeva, Chamber TM Club:It was an exciting idea to gather together professionals in different areas in friendly competition of speakers! Color society of participants and experienced evaluators brought to that event bright accents and special atmosphere. Chamber Toastmasters Club created huge platform for networking and self-promotion. I was impressed by simple idea in bright presentation of Andrey Barsukov and of cause by powerful memorable and energetic speech of Levon Petrosyan! I will remember for sure that “Galaxy=Labradorit” Applause to everybody!

Andrey Barsukov, Chamber TM Club:Walking towards your fears called ‘Courage’. Every person that gets to a stage takes efforts to overcome its uncertainty and natural fears. This is true for me as well. That’s why it is so important to make all preparations and lead each event with precise structure. Professional Speakers Marathon has been organized particularly well, all ToastMasters Club members has done their best to make atmosphere kind and friendly. Speakers and I believe all the guests felt comfortable and pleased. Well done, Team! As for me, I was very happy to share some old wisdom thoughts with such an open-minded and intelligent people. Thanks evaluators for the nomination that I won – “Advocate for Happiness”. Thank you and let’s make more marathons to give a chance to more participants!”


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