What kind of crucial skills may be indispensable in such, at first glance, versatile situations as:

  • advancing the peace making process in the Middle East
  • advocating your salary raise before the boss
  • selling your share in a company
  • or arguing  with your significant one who will be doing dishes tonight?

..And this list can go on and on….

Any guess? Right, those are negotiation skills, which can be utmost handy for a whole host of life circumstances. On May 28th, our Club was privileged to hold a workshop conducted by the Institute of Negotiation Skills on  basics of the interest-based negotiation methodology. The workshop was delivered by a guru on the subject, senior consultant at CMPartners (Boston, MA), Mr. Arthur Martirosyan.


In 1994 he joined Harvard Negotiation Project (HNP) and worked with Professor Roger Fisher on several conflict management projects in the former Soviet Union and in the Middle East. From 2001 through 2008 he was the Director of the Momentum Program: Leadership and Negotiation Culture Change in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) where along with professors of Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government he consulted and trained dozens of politicians, high-level government officials of Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. During his twenty year career as a conflict management specialist, Mr. Martirosyan has been involved in the design and implementation of a series of successful strategic assistance projects in the complex ethno-political conflicts of Chechnya (Russian Federation), South Ossetia and Abkhazia (Georgia), Israel-Palestine, Iraq and Kosovo. Mr. Martirosyan has been also engaged in consulting and training managers of such corporate clients as IBM Consulting, Nike, Boeing, Kraft Foods, CISCO, EBRD and others.

P1010032A total of over 50 Chamber TM Club members and partners had a chance to learn about such effective negotiation techniques and pitfalls as:

  • Key assumptions about interest-based negotiating
  • Seven Elements Framework for Successful Negotiations
  • Roadmaps  for addressing challenging behaviors and tactics in negotiations
  • Choice analysis, understanding the choice of the other party and the ways to change it

As a sound leverage to enhance negotiation powers, which had become a certain climax of the workshop, the participants had a great opportunity to practice their new skills and collectively discuss “how-we-can-do it-better” with the guru’s upper-handing in navigating the session and providing the feedback.


Kateryna Zarubina, SAP Business Process Expert, OTC, PJSC “Mondelez Ukraina”: “The event was professionally organised and held by a true expert in negotiations and conflict management – Arthur Martirosyan. He and his colleagues managed to create a friendly learning atmosphere on the one hand and perfectly balanced mix of theory and practical exercises on the other hand. I took part in the training on negotiation topic for the first time, although I was aware of a few game theory principles, one of which is Prisoner’s dilemma. Arthur has added more value with wrap-up methodology and applications from his international experience. I liked that the audience was actively involved into discussion: asking, commenting and being brave to volunteer on videotaping in a business case. I believe proceeding further to deeper expertise in negotiation field may bring fruitful results to middle level as well as top level managers. In particular, experts in the following areas, but not limited to, may benefit a lot: Supply Chain, Sales&Distribution, International Affairs. Should the leader be a skillful negotiator? Absolutely yes. The leader should be eager to reach common interest goals and bear in mind different options together with possible alternatives to ensure a win-win outcome.”

Aleksei Aleinkov, Insurance Company “AXA Insurance”: “This event was for me a great example of the highest level of professionalism. I really enjoyed every second of it! I think that even small touch with such well experienced and generous person as Artur Martirosyan,  was a huge honor and perfect lesson for all of us.
Special thanks to you everyone, who was present there for an unique and warm atmosphere creation!”

Oksana Varga, Executive Director ASPECT UKRAINE: “The recent training of Harvard Negotiation Project expert was interesting and useful to me. Although we may find that lecturer sometimes mentioned things that go without saying, like you have to smile sincerely etc, it appears that most of us sometimes fail to stick to these logical and most natural rules of behavior. What I find useful is that a lot of advice were really practical: how to start negotiation, how to close them etc. There was a lot of things that we can further use in our work and social life. I especially like the emphasis on trust and relationships. That’s what we really lack in Ukraine to my mind. Not every profitable business should involve cheating. I personally felt very interested and enthusiastic. The lecturer did a great job, he was very professional, sincere and eager to share his knowledge with the audience.”

Yurii Sergovskyy, Sanofi, Strategic Portfolio Building Manager & Launches for Zentiva Eurasia : “Thanks for organizing this event! I was positively impressed by the training,  seems to be obvious possibility to look on negotiations from other angles. Interesting was to find out, that nevertheless considering themselves as rational creatures, people still trend to react as emotional one. As for me useful thing was to discover one more time, that in basis of successful negotiations/relations lies mutual trust, that is often forgotten. All training was accomplished with vivid examples, making easier for participants to learn practical things, and so implement in routine practice.“

Sofiya Huzenko, Board Member at CFA Ukraine and Manager of Investment Projects at Exim-Capital: “The training helped me get rid of widespread stereotype that negotiations is a zero-sum game and discover pain points of negotiations process.​ I enjoyed highly interactive atmosphere of the training with active involvement of audience and full of stories and exercises. It is very important and valuable that the lecturer knows about negotiations not only from books but his vast experience”.

The workshop has become a breaking ground for a series of training events to be conducted at the club this year. The Club also would like to express its high appreciation for the support and PWC’s partnership, which kindly offered its premises for the workshop.

P1010025 P1010024

By Aleksander Kobzev


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