Tenth All-Ukrainian Toastmasters Speech Contest, Kiev, May 31, 2014


The Tenth, Anniversary, All-Ukrainian Toastmasters Contest is over, with a large portion of fair success for the Chamber Toastmasters Club!


It goes without exaggeration that Chamber guys and gals ruled last night. Fist, a Chair Lady Maryna Gotovkina together with her gentle partner Eugene Bazhenov not only led the competition but arranged a dancing session with the audience at the climax of the contest.


Second, our charming President Olena Krynychna showed first class leadership skills: she immediately got everyone on their feet for another cheerful exercise, and eventually compelled all present to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY for her mum.



Finally, Chamber Club fans were undoubtedly the best in supporting their fellow contestants, the only club that organised truly inspiring slogans like “Vladislav Kisselev, you are the best Man-Speaker!!!” or “Olena Krynychna, you are the Source of Light!!!” Well done, guys, you are the TEAM indeed!


Last night was the first time in Ukrainian Toastmasters history when the contest in our native Ukrainian and Russian languages was held. The first winner of the Native Languages Contest was Oksana Badovska with a brilliant and witty speech in Ukrainian about how it’s great to draw at any age!


A long-awaited winner of the All-Ukrainian Contest in English became Ivo Kersten with his exhuberant show on stage.


Please watch the winning speech from Ivo!

Sincere greetings to our fellow Art Talkers club that not only won the gold with Ivo, but also got the bronze with Serhiy Kostyshyn who has won the Third places at the Contest!


Still, our primary and whole-hearted congratulations go to our dearest Olena Krynychna who has won the Second Place and also – a People’s Choice Award!!!


Oleno, you’ve been the third last year and the second now. We definitely see the progression here and wish you to complete it next year!


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