One of the Toastmasters goals is learning how to communicate efficiently.

In our daily Club activities we mostly emphasize on developing public speaking skills, taking leadership roles,  encouraging initiative and responsibility. But we often forget about  a varied range of communication tools which exist and flourish  beyond toastmasters. For example, music. Isn’t it a brilliant means of communicating and finding understanding between people? Music also has its message, its intonations, its mood, its target audience. Being a part of a music band you can also learn teamwork and how to lead.

Iryna Grigoryeva interviewed Philipp Belyaiev, the leader of music band “The Bad, The Good And The Ugly.”, who are playing rockabilly style. Philipp, Kirill and Dima played at Chamber TM when we celebrated Club’s 15th anniversary in September.

Philipp: We are playing rock-n-roll. This music is  energetic and entertaining, people dance to it all over the world, dancing rock-n-roll is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends or to mix up with new people . If you listen to music or dance with someone it is easier to set contact with the other person. And the fact that  you enjoy  the same style of music  means that you already have something in commonJ If you dance to the same music it means even more – that you are already communicating. And if you meet the person with the purpose to listen to favourite music and to dance to it– it’s already relationship J

IMG_2090 - копия

Iryna: I remember you once said that when you sing and play on stage you manage to  tell people more than you could tell just with  words.

Philipp: Well, music and singing are universal tools for expressing yourself. You should try it yourself to know what I mean. We  started a project, where anyone from our audience can join us on stage singing favourite songs together. We called the project  “Musification” . With “Musificaton” we prove what a powerful instrument music is. Smart companies cought the idea very fast and often invite us to  corporate parties were any participant can sing with us on stage and discover hidden talents. And in this way people notice how special their colleagues are, this helps team-building and friendship-building))

Iryna: Music band is also about the team-work. And it must be a cool experience to lead the band.

x_2d2a2f57 - копияPhilipp: Right, being a part of a music band is a unique team-work experience. But our team is special cause we don’t have a permanent leader as a position. Every musician is responsible for his slot of work. And coordination is provided by those of us, who has idea and inspiration for certain task or project. I noticed that the most successful leader is the one who can be a good team-player when led by the others. Our band is four years old, and I made an interesting conclusion that organization or system can be sustainable only if it constantly changes)) This should be the key to success – changes and constant development.








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