2015 Chamber Inner Speech Contest

Chamber Inner Speech contest 2015 held by smart chairman Timur Berezhnoy came off with flying colors.
It showed again the high level of our speakers, their enthusiasm and desire to win.
Here are the bravest members of the club – the participants of the contest.DSC_9262
It was really a hard task for our Chief Judge Maryna Gotovkina to determine the best speaker as all speeches were bright, with deep message, and were delivered in brilliant artistic manner.

But still she did her job well.

Charming and as usually shocking Iryna Pyven with her speech “Not a Sweet Story” about a sweet poison sugar took the main prize and became the WINNER of Inner Speech Contest 2015 at Chamber TM’s club. Our Congratulations to Ira!

Impressive Vladislav Kisselev with his impressive speech about the danger of chemical products “Enjoy Responsively” won Place 2.

Our confident and affectionate President Iryna Grygorieva with her touching speech “The Mission” dedicated to the dearest person her daughter won Place 3.

All our participants kept the interest of the audience on the peak.
You can be easily assured in it by videos of their speeches:
Tetyana Kisselyova with speech “Heaven and Hell’ shares her impressions about latest trip to Thailand.

Yuliya Poliakova with her speech “One thing We Always Forget” reminds us the gratitude to the dearest person in the world – Mother.

Tanya Zavyalova with her speech “How Do You Like Your Coffee” speaks about one of the most favorite drinks in the world.

Michael Rybak in his speech “Be Vulnerable. Be Strong” proves that vulnerability in no way can be an obstacle for victory if you have a strong will.

Olena Makarenko in her speech “Memories. Delete, Forget, Erase” taught the audience how to erase bad memories and to go forward to the next achievements.

The audience was kept with raptures during the whole meeting.

20150211_5476 20150211_5478 20150211_5485 20150211_5486 20150211_5490


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